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From the beginning of Jing Mold Electronics Technology Co.,LTDstartup, the commitment to providing high quality products and excellent service as the goal, not only for customers to create higher value products, to mould itself gradually towards the industry leader of the road.

Pang Yuan with fine with the production team, with rich experience in production capacity planning and high elasticity, even in a year of notebook computer total growing pressure, a stable supply and demand, satisfy the customer. At the same time, precision die each year to invest a lot of R & D resources, continue to study the application of new technologies, leading into the initiative to assist customers, create new products, professional ODM, OEM strength. Vertical integration and spiritual elements to the famous, more is to provide customers one-stop service from the mold design, assembly, SMT, coating, can be in the group within the factory independently, in electronic product development time is more short trend, mould using vertical integration takes time and cost advantage, successfully created solid leader.

In addition to notebook computer keyboard, fine mold in the HID (Human Interface Device) research and development, including desktop keyboard / mouse, writing board, presenter, and by hard power production and technology, won a major brands of all ages, in recent years the participation with the flat computer and AIO peripheral products, with low cost but high quality way to provide consumers with the best experience. In recent years, funding mould and other areas of consumer electronic products,

Looking forward to the notebook computer keyboard, and then create another industry summit. Precision mold computer manufacturer in Taiwan technology development / Sales Executive / management center, the high quality products, accurate management to goods transported to every corner of the world. From the company since its inception, kept the mould computer sales record of good results, in 2009 the global financial crisis, revenue and growth trend of 44.7%. In the future, mould computer will continue to provide customers with high quality, cultivation, high value added products, and the use of group resources, open up more peripheral products, and hope that in the next ten years, the fine mode computer in the consumer electronic products production of light and heat.